• Hawke: Sister Petrice?
  • Petrice: MOTHER Petrice. Time has changed us both.
  • Hawke: Eat my entire ass

My brother comes to me when he can’t open a jar.

He’s nearly 6ft tall and has 20kg on me.

impalatardisbakerstreet asked:

Hello! I have a quick question for you- I adore your stories and would love to turn them into audio. I'd narrate them an post them somewhere (Youtube or Sound Cloud, probably) for people to listen to. I'd give you credit, obviously. Would you be open to that? :)

This is immensely flattering, so thank you heaps for all the butterflies in my tummy right now!

Now, I’m not sure about narrating fanfiction. Are there any issues with copyright and stuff? 

Would anyone be interested in this? I don’t want this lovely person to go to all the trouble of narrating 100 000+ words of fanfiction if no one listens to it.

Additionally, perhaps it might be better to narrate the edited version I’m working through?