I am a half-decent blind-typer, but I usually only do it to unnerve people when they’re talking to me and I’m writing. 


The Hobbit in Gifs: Bard & Family

Are we going to die, da? No, darling.

Are any of my followers part of the Hobbit fandom?

I’m just curious; I’ve been working on a fic for a while and was just wondering if I should plug it here when I eventually put it up. :)

You hear that whoosh sound every time I walk past?

That’s the sound of me dodging my responsibilities.

endless list of my favourite fictional characters↴

Vaas Montenegro from Far Cry 3

And  hope  dies  last

Do you think fanfiction restricts creative freedom and growth? Would it be more rewarding to write original fiction than spend hours fostering growth in characters and worlds that are not your own?


No. I think fanfiction allows people to grow as writers. It’s hard to come up with 3D characters and your own setting, and it’s a real pain in the ass to figure out everyone’s backstory, the history of the story, character arcs, etc. Fanfiction takes all the variables out of your hands other than the plot. In effect, it’s literature’s sandbox mode. I learn how to draw best by tracing drawings or pictures. After I trace for a day or two, I start on my original creations and don’t market the traces as my own. I don’t see any difference between that and writing fanfiction.

I never wrote fanfiction because the thought of abiding by someone else’s rules/characters/world annoyed the hell out of me. I started with original worlds - or I thought I did. In reality, my first works were like crossovers between my favorite books, TV shows, and movies. And I think a lot of authors start that way: imitating works they admire and branching out to do their own thing. Fanfiction authors just do this with imitation in mind and they’re brave enough to publish it. (There’s no way I would let my god-awful grammar and attempts at storytelling see the light, even when it started to resemble average.)

There are people who don’t write their own fiction and prefer to focus on fanfiction. That’s OK, too. It’s just another vehicle for fans to express their emotions about the work - even if it is how the MC should get together with the suspiciously author-like OC, or smutty PWP. Fanfiction, I think, adds to the fandom in the same way fan art does. Besides, we aren’t all artists. 

(Just don’t try to make money off of it because that’s really illegal and I would have a problem if you tried to cheat creators of their work.)

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Thank you for the kind messages people! My brother was rushed to hospital with internal bleeding four days ago, which they discovered was due to him rupturing a chamber in his kidney after an awkward fall earlier. 

Poor thing had an allergic reaction to morphine though, so it took the doctors a while to find him a decent pain killer that did the job well enough. 

He’s home, and with severely restricted movement, but doing much better.

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Brother is coming home from the hospital today!